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Odds and Ends

Frenzy - 'Watch what you say, Jack!'

Chaos - Using fear to one's advantage.

Just Imagine - 2004 Open Christmas Card.

Leather Pocket - Some momentos are worth any risk to keep. 1 of 3

Dishonor - Discovering the fine line between good and evil. 2 of 3

Head Nod - Asgard vs Goa'uld? Jack as a pawn? 3 of 3

Veteran - Hope for the future.

Gobble - Visions of a cosmic esophagus.

Peridot - Marks of the trade.

Licking - Shades of old TV commercials.

O Christmas Tree - Just a little Christmas monkey wrench.

Bah! Humbug! - Just a little Christmas switcher-roo.

Happy New Year! - The new year wasn't even here yet!

Too Close - Jack refuses to rise to the occasion, for Carter's sake.

Birthday - Being the two-sided mirror between life and death, and just when that occurs.

Welcome Letters - Wishes come true.

Sick as a Dog - You only wish to die when you know you'll actually survive it.

Freedom - Freedom can be painful.

Birthday II - Jack's birthday.

Just Imagine II - 2005 Open Christmas Card.

Secret Wedding - Sometimes you just know when two people belong together.

One Man's Throne... - Things that are out of place are usually just that, out of place.

Corrupts Absolutely - Jack has found a new reason to not like the Tok'ra; only he hasn't realized it yet.

Memorial Day - Jack honors those that have fallen in defense of us all.