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Little Deadly -- Jack's innocent actions have tragic results

Waterworld -- SG1 is still forming bonds, and discovering just what makes each other tick. Finding their glue to be Jack and it's been a tough year for Jack, but it doesn't show until he feels happier. Then he falls into deep water...

A Little Deadly: Aftermath -- Jack's attempts to help a young prodigy are interrupted by a deadly accident off world

Agony -- Jack has a distasteful job to do

Agony II -- There's agony and there's agony. Life is lived in varying degrees of pain. Some good. Some bad

Deter Detect Defend -- Jack always wondered if anyone ever listened to him

Storm Surge -- There are many storms.

Bones -- Jack doing what he does. A series of works revolving around the word 'bones' Progressive from first drabble to...

Hard Lessons -- Some lessons can only be learned the hard way

Second Christmas Since -- A thaw in winter. There is only a thin line between pain and joy

Odds and Ends -- A collection of those stories too tiny to warrant their own listing, yet deserve to be seen

July Snow -- Sometimes a guy just has to get away from it all, only to find a new set of problems

Third Christmas Since -- Last Christmas' warmth kindles anew

Distasteful Things -- Jack is forced to take a life as he and the team runs for their lives

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