Welcome to my website, Dinkyfic!

I am Dinky, also known as Dinkydow and Donna. I live on a small farm in Missouri with my husband, two daughters, and various pets. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor by trade and am active in advocating for the rights of the mentally ill when I'm not writing or working as a counselor.

I have always loved writing and with the advent of the word processor, discovered that it was easier than before to put my feelings down on paper. To put it lightly, I did not do well when using the conventional typewriter. As often as not, the paper I was working on would end up balled up and flung against the nearest wall.

I became involved in advocacy when my husband and I became the adoptive parents of two little girls who had been severely neglected. My writing became a way for me to survive the rigors of living with the mentally ill. Later, when I shared my words with others, I realized the power that my words had in effecting needed changes in the system.

For fun and as a way to relieve stress, I write fan fiction based on the TV show, "Stargate SG-1". Jack O'Neill is my favorite character and I have managed to involve him in numerous adventures, some of which are based on my own experiences.

My most sincere and humble thanks go out to JoleneB who built this home for the products of my brain. Without her, this would not exist. Thank you to those who take the time to read my stuff.

I hope you enjoy my scribblings and if you have any comments, feel free to

Dinkydow              Donna