Gatecon 2008: The Family Reunion - Sabine Bauer 'Doc'

I had mentioned to Doc that she should have photos for autographing.  She thought I was kidding.  EG

This took a little doing to accomplish.  I had a 'prefect' picture from the previous day, but the young woman that was printing pictures for people in the Dealer's Room had a problem with her printer and couldn't do the small prints and my picture's resolution was too low to blow it up to the next size.  I was doing all this less than ten feet away from Doc, but just couldn't be blatant about taking her picture on the spot.  So, with camera in hand, Dinky and I sped off to her panel.  Got this shot there.  The next day I was able to print it off and have it matted while holding a strange sort of interrupted conversation between her, the woman making the prints, my friend, Dinky and myself.  I had two printed off, one for me and one for Dinky.  Then I stepped up and requested her autograph.  The proof you see here.  I can be kinda evil in a good way.  I hope she comes for 2009, I'd like to get a better picture, and hopefully and I'll have a better camera too.

For those of you who wonder just who Sabine Bauer, aka Doc, is, she was once in the ranks of Stagate SG-1 fanfiction writers. And now writes for Fandemonium Books under license to MGM/Sony. She is missed, but we get a taste with each book she produces.

Sabine Bauer