Gatecon 2008: The Family Reunion - Garwin Sanford 'Narim'

My friend Donna aka Dinkydow, or Dinky for short, was assigned Garwin Sanford's autograph table.  I was two down with Andee Frizzell.  There was some kind of commotion around Mr. Sanford's table, but I had to ignore it, I had my own responsibility.  Dinky would shout if she needed help.  One of the Red Shirts spelled Dinky so she could get her own autographs.  Then I was spelled.  Much to my horror Andee Frizzell left before I was finished.  I had intended to get a picture and autograph. So there I was, a volunteer with no table, nor star.  I went to hang out with Dinky.  I talked to the woman and teens behind the table.  Turns out they were Garwin Sanford's wife and children.  I wound up helping at his table for a bit, thus the thank you.

I did find out about the commotion.  One of the male Red Shirts had tried to bull Mr. Sanford into not allowing photographs by request. That was terrible, especially since everyone there was doing the same exact thing.  But he was singled out because he was popular, and that caused a large line at his table.  Still that was not a reason for such unpleasantness.  He was a guest.  I understand that Gatecon managment apologized for the bad behavior.  I hope he returns. He's extremely gracious.

Garwin Sanford