The Matchmaker
Tales of the Lovelorn
by CJay

Chapter One

Beverly Allotabooty sashayed her fine self into the Commissary searching for her prey. New to the SGC, having been transferred less than a month ago, she had nonetheless; decided that one beefy and oh so very fine member of this woman's Air Force would soon be hers.

She'd first seen him coming through the event horizon, carrying another member of his team who'd been wounded. As a member of the SF contingent of the base and a munitions expert, she had been on guard duty when the SGC's elite team SG-1 had arrived back unexpectedly.

He had moved with a deliberate and steady grace as he burst through the shimmering circle. Tall and sturdily built, he was clearly a force to be reckoned with. And yet, he cradled his teammate with such care and underlying gentleness, it had taken her breath away. Add to that his impressive mass of muscles, gleaming ebony skin, rich full lips and nicely rounded six, and you had this woman's idea of heaven!

Hearing him speak, she found she was even more intrigued; his voice carried a soft hint of strange accent and cadence.

Due to the lighting and effects of the wormhole, she had at first failed to notice the golden device affixed to his forehead. Yet, something about it, odd as it was, added to his appeal.

Unable to take her eyes off the man, she failed to heed the order to stand down, an oversight which drew the attention of the tall and equally impressive Colonel to her current state. Catching her eye, he winked as he moved past her causing her to grace him with a smile despite her embarrassment. Although he had a reputation as a real hard ass, she suspected that she'd found an ally; one who might just assist her in her newly forming plan to meet the impressive man who had so recently entranced her.

However, she had a great deal of intel to gather before she could begin her campaign to conquer the mountain of man she now realized was the legendary Teal'c.


For his part, Colonel Jack O'Neill, although he had been amused by the keen interest the pretty new SF was showing in his buddy Teal'c, quickly forgot the incident; at least until the next time he'd chanced to see the Airman in question as she entered the commissary. The way she surreptitiously checked every nook and cranny of the room, he had an idea she was on the prowl. After he'd caught her concentrating on the big T' man back in the Gate Room, he figured she was looking to score with the elusive Jaffa. He'd been on the receiving end of more than one woman's attentions himself.

'Well good for her, Teal'c could use some company. He seems to have lost his mojo lately; he is spending way too much time in solitary pursuits.' O'Neill mused leaning back to sip his cup of coffee.

Catching sight of the Colonel, Beverly decided that now was as good a time as any to approach him. She'd carefully asked around over the past couple of weeks and come to the conclusion that O'Neill was someone she'd like to know, despite the affectionate label he'd earned as an enigma. Further, she'd determined that he just might be her most direct route in her quest to get close to Teal'c. Grabbing her own cup of java, she started over to his table, deliberately catching his eye.

Jack, although he generally preferred a certain blonde, readily enjoyed the view as the raven-haired woman deliberately cut a path through the crowded room towards him. She was tall, about five feet eleven, athletically muscled and as his old gang used to say, stacked. Her skin was a rich coffee brown. Large, slightly slanted, chocolate eyes, liberally surrounded by thick black lashes, blended nicely with her high cheekbones, hinting at Cherokee heritage. As she drew closer and smiled, he noted a small dimple in one cheek offset by a set of full pouting lips. All things considered, she was just what the T' man needed to get his mojo back.

"Colonel O'Neill, Sir, I'm Captain Allotabooty, Beverly Allotabooty. Might I join you, Sir?" she asked politely.

Jack almost choked on the sip of coffee he'd just taken when she laid her moniker on him.

'Allotabooty, good lord!' When he'd first taken a cursory glance at the new duty roster, he'd thought his old pal Sal had added the name as a joke. Well it looked like the joke was on him; now he'd heard them all! 'Wonder how she ever made it through the inevitable schoolyard razzing over that handle?'

Indicating that she should take the seat across from him at the table, Jack, hoping his little choking spell had escaped her notice, replied with equal politeness. "Take a seat Captain. I could use a bit of company."

"I learned early how to throw a mean punch, Sir." Beverly told him in a conspirator's whisper.

Obviously, she'd noticed his little mishap and had discerned its cause; that she handled it with such aplomb was a point in her favor.

"Good for you!" Jack told her with a companionable grin.

After so many years of military service, he'd learned to trust his first impressions of people; that the lady was extremely self-possessed and outgoing was abundantly clear. Finding he liked her straightforward approach, Jack addressed her in like manner.

"I've got a feeling you are interested in more than just a coffee companion. What can I do for you?"

Returning his grin, she got right down to business.

"I like your style, Sir. Scuttlebutt is, Teal'c is more than just one of your team. He is your friend. I'd like some intel on him."

"Intel?" Jack echoed innocently.

"Is he attached?" Beverly's face reflected her frank curiosity.

"Attached?" Jack repeated his eyebrows climbing toward his hairline.

"Attached, involved, spoken for..." she persisted.

"I get the picture," Jack stopped her with a small laugh. 'Ah humor!' Another point in the Captain's favor.'

O'Neill's expression sobered. "No, he is a widower."

Frowning, she thought that tidbit over for a minute, and then continued her line of questioning. "How long, Sir, and is he available now?"

"Long enough." Pausing for effect, O'Neill gauged her reaction.

When she continued to eye him expectantly, he continued. "So you are interested in Teal'c?"

"I believe I've made that very clear, Sir." She answered with irony, still managing to maintain a tone of polite respect.

The Colonel's eyes narrowed in quiet speculation.

Swallowing, Beverly took the final plunge. "So at the risk of sounding pushy and out-of-line Colonel, I was wondering if you could help me get to know him?"

"To quote a friend, 'Indeed,'" Jack replied with an ironic grin. "Look Captain, I'm no matchmaker."

No, he certainly could not be accused of a history of meddling in the hearts and flowers area. Granted, he had been known to participate in intrigues of every sort. Unfortunately it had been quite a while since he'd had the pleasure of engaging in anything even remotely clandestine; he found he had a sudden urge to rectify that situation.

"However, I happen to know that a certain solitary Jaffa is currently working up a sweat in the gym. Maybe he'd appreciate a sparring partner. That is if you are up for it?"

"Sir, yes Sir!" Grinning widely, Beverly jumped to her feet offering him a smart salute. "Thank you, Sir!"

Jack smothered a grin and returned the salute.

Daniel, having just come in to meet Jack for coffee, watched him as he avidly watched the unknown Captain leave. Intrigued, he grabbed a cup of the rich brew he so loved and joined Jack at his table.

"So, Jack, who is the new SF?"

"Who?" Looking up into Daniel's curious face, Jack assumed the vacuous expression he'd perfected long ago.

"The SF who just left. The one with the nice... you know? Who is she?" Daniel repeated raising his brows.

Never one to pass up the chance to torment Danny, Jack responded with equal innocence. "Nice what, Daniel?"

"Oh come on, Jack! I saw you checking out her... ample six."

"Huh?" Jack responded blankly.

"Jack!" Daniel barked with chagrin.

"What?" Jack replied with mock confusion.

Daniel was becoming frustrated. "You are not going to tell me are you?"

"Tell you what, Danny?"

"Who she is!" he hissed.

"She who?"

"Oh! Never mind!" Muttering Daniel turned on his heel and stalked out.

"What did I say?" Jack called after him, veiling his amusement. Danny was just too easy!


Beverly found the object of her newfound affections off to one side of the main gym pummeling the speed bag. Taking a moment to collect her thoughts she admired his firm glistening body, clad in tight shorts and a clinging, slightly moist, blue tank top. Now that she had him in her sights, she was a bit hesitant. 'What is the best way to approach him,' she wondered? Would he, like his friend the Colonel, appreciate her straightforward attitude? Or, was he more the type to prefer a demure woman?

Teal'c felt the presence of another behind him. While there was little chance of a threat to his person here in the bowels of the SGC, it would be imprudent of him to dismiss such a possibility. He had spent much of his long lifetime poised to repel any predator, ready to spring into action.

Beverly noticed the subtle tensing of his shoulders and guessed that he, an able warrior, had sensed her presence.

Clearing her throat, she thought to forestall any unfortunate moves on his part with a soft word. "Excuse me, Sir?"

Turning toward the smoky voice Teal'c took in the attractive female. Raising a lone and clearly expressive eyebrow, he cocked his head in inquiry.

"Colonel O'Neill suggested that you might indulge me in a sparring contest." Beverly found that her heart was racing as she waited for his reply.

If he was shocked, his sober expression did not betray him. Taking a moment to think her offer over, Teal'c pondered O'Neill's motivation. Perhaps he had found the woman in need of a lesson in humility. After all, despite her apparent athletic build, she was clearly not his equal in strength. Still, his recent encounter with the female Jaffa, O'Neill referred to as Amazons, had adjusted his perception regarding gender equality.

"Indeed," Teal'c stated with a hint of a smile.

Beverly was quite familiar with the usual male prejudices regarding gender, and despite the fact he was from another world; she suspected Teal'c's opinions were no different. Smiling crookedly, she realized she would enjoy adjusting his thinking.

"Indeed." She echoed. "Perhaps admitting a mere female could provide a challenge is threatening in some way?" She taunted him.


Teal'c found her bravado intriguing and admittedly attractive. Weak women bored him. He had been raised to seek only the most fit and gifted women as suitable companions. Granted, amongst his people, female warriors were rare. However, serving with the women of the Tau'ri had taught him they could be both cunning and formidable.

"I would be most honored, Captain." He acquiesced with a small bow. "You are referring to the sport of boxing?"

"Yes, please call me Beverly. As you already have your gloves on and are clearly warmed up, I was wondering if you'd allow me a few minutes to prepare?"

"Of course. I will allow you ten minutes. Shall I seek refreshments?"

"Oh that would be great! Grab me a Gatorade if you will please T'?" She called softly over her shoulder as she fired-up the treadmill.

Teal'c finding her familiarity amusing, nodded briefly. Then he set off to procure the fluids.

Making his way to the commissary, he caught sight of O'Neill reading a stack of reports at a back table. Walking over to his friend's side, he waited silently for him to acknowledge his presence.


Jack felt the big guy's approach. Confirming by way of his excellent peripheral vision that Teal'c was indeed standing patiently at his side, Jack wondered if he had made a mistake in sending the Captain T's way.

"Hey T' what's shaking?" He asked benignly.

"Nothing is shaking O'Neill. However, I would like to ascertain if there was a specific reason why you would wish me to engage the new Captain in a sparring match?"

Affecting an air of innocence, Jack responded mildly. "So, Beverly found you, eh? I just thought it would be fun, Teal'c."

"I see," Teal'c said flatly.

Actually, Teal'c was still a bit puzzled. Despite their many years of service and friendship, O'Neill was, on occasion most difficult to understand.

Searching the big guy's expression for any hint as to his thoughts, Jack realized that Teal'c's failure to use the Captain's full name indicated he was still in the dark about its entirety; and it's significance. As a good buddy it was up to him to enlighten the T' man.

"What do you think of her name?" Jack asked wryly.

Noting T's use of a puzzled eyebrow, Jack stated her name seeking to add just the right amount of emphasis to get his point across.

"Her name T'? Captain Beverly Allotabooty," he enunciated mischievously.

"It has a most musical quality," Teal'c stated approvingly.

"O.K. So I guess I'll have to explain." Jack began mildly surprised that after seven years of exposure to Jack O'Neill's use of slang Teal'c hadn't picked up on that particular reference. "See T', the word booty is slang for one's six."

"Indeed?" Teal'c responded still obviously failing to grasp the point.

Jack, still unsure if Teal'c was just playing with him or had truly failed to understand, elaborated. "Her last name when you break it down... A... lotta... booty... You see where this is going right?" Jack asked with a naughty smirk.

"I do not, O'Neill. If you will excuse me, the Captain should be prepared for me now," he denied with dignity.

Turning abruptly on his heel, Teal'c stalked out; leaving a stunned Jack to wonder if he'd somehow given offense or if the big guy was being deliberately obtuse. 'Wait a minute! Did he just say prepared for him?'


Teal'c, far from being offended, was instead enlightened. O'Neill in the role of matchmaker was something he'd never envisioned. Yet, it warmed his heart. That his usually taciturn friend had guessed he was lonely did not embarrass him. Indeed not, it pleased him. It was most kind of O'Neill to seek out a suitable companion for him. On Chulak, one's closest friends often procured one a woman to warm the cold nights. Indeed, he was gratified. It would seem O'Neill had found him a woman of stalwart merit. Now it was up to him to win her.


Beverly had spent the last ten minutes alternating between the treadmill and shadow boxing, warming her muscles and preparing her strategy. Teal'c was a big and powerful adversary, a fact she intended to use against him. She'd taken down more than her share of cocky men in her days in the military; it had become a matter of routine.

Yet, somehow she instinctively understood that unlike many of the men she'd bested. Teal'c would respect her more if she did her absolute best to beat him.

Lost in concentration, she at first failed to notice his quiet approach, giving him time to admire her as she limbered up. O'Neill had not erred; earning the affections of a woman possessing such adroit beauty would make any Jaffa proud. Moving forward into her line of sight, Teal'c silently offered her the Gatorade he'd procured for her.

Beverly removed a glove and gratefully took the drink from his outstretched hand, allowing her fingers to caress his.

"Thank you," she whispered huskily, giving him a slow, sensual smile.

"You are most welcome, Captain Allotabooty." Teal'c intoned politely.

"Oh, so you do know my name. I thought,..." she replied, her eyes flaring with speculation.

"O'Neill sends his regards. I chanced to meet him in the commissary."

Mildly deflated to learn that he hadn't known her name before this, and trying to guess at his reaction, Beverly was unable to determine a thing from his brief explanation or his blank expression. Refusing to allow her disappointment to show or deter her resolve, she maintained her smile and nodded.

"Are you ready to let a mere woman whip your fanny. Teal'c?" She challenged.

"You wish to punish me, Captain?" he inquired mildly, head cocked to one side.

Laughing with delight, she hoped he was flirting with her.

"Please call me Beverly. As you are well aware I was referring to our boxing match."

"I was under the impression this was to be a practice session, not a contest," Teal'c corrected.

"Are you always so literal?" she asked mildly chagrined.

"Language can be most confusing. I have found it is best to be succinct," he told her with dignity.

"I meant no offense, Teal'c. Very well, shall we spar?" Beverly responded with sincerity.

"I would be most honored," he acquiesced donning his gloves.

Teal'c allowed her to dance around him for a time, repelling her blows in a defensive manner in order to gauge her expertise. Impressed, he determined she was more than capable of repelling his blows as well, finally engaging her in earnest.

Although she was confident he'd provide her with a good workout, Beverly held back at first and waited for Teal'c to set the pace.

Understanding that as a macho male he too would hold back until he was satisfied that she was, in truth, fully up to the challenge; and he wouldn't hurt her.

Exchanging a blow or two and determining he was truly unsuspecting, she used her agile and almost dance-like style to tire him. He was good, very good, but she finally succeeded and landed him a good one, knocking the big fellow to the mat.

Stunned and surprised at first, the former First Prime sat on the mat looking up into her triumphantly glowing face. Realizing she was looking forward to him leaping up and continuing their mock battle with relish, Teal'c felt something he'd not felt in quite awhile. While he'd lusted after many women, few had engaged his heart. This woman had a warrior's soul and it touched him deeply. Leaping once again to his feet, he gave her the satisfaction of not holding back.

Beverly, having finally found a man who respected her prowess enough to engage her in a real contest, released her last vestiges of restraint.

And the two joyful warriors of equal spirit danced on.


Samantha Carter had spent the past several weeks on restricted duty. She'd taken a hit on their last mission. While the wound was not serious, it did require a brief stay in the infirmary; she had lost a great deal of blood, prompting their new Chief Medical Officer, as well as her concerned team to worry.

Unbeknownst to her, Colonel O'Neill had pulled the new Doctor aside and insisted she be on light duty until she had fully healed. He'd noticed she was tired lately; they all were. Thus, he felt a bit of a breather was in order. And although he'd never admit it, her rotten luck over the past month had terrified him. He'd already lost her affections to her new boyfriend; he wasn't about to lose her in truth.

Oddly, she'd been spending more time at the base now, while on restricted duty, than she had since she'd first dropped the new guy bombshell. Yet, Jack had deliberately avoided hanging around her lab, still needing time to come to grips with what he perceived as her rejection.

Amused and delighted, Sam heard the distinct sound of the Colonel whistling just outside her lab. She had missed his humor. What was it he was whistling anyway? Listening closely, she was stunned!

No! It couldn't be! Not Colonel 'I love opera' O'Neill! It sounded like he was whistling the 'Matchmaker' from the play, 'Fiddler on the Roof!' Rising swiftly, she made her way to the door. "Sir?"

Spinning around, his head cocked to one side. He responded lightly. "Carter?"

"Were you just whistling the 'Matchmaker,' Sir?" She asked him with a grin.

"Matchmaker, Carter?" He echoed feigning incredulity.

"Yes Sir, from Fiddler on the Roof. You know Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match..." She sang lightly.

The Colonel offered a puzzled look and squinted a speculative eye her way, "Carter, you alright?"

"Yes Sir."

"You're sure?"

"Yes Sir, fine Sir."

"Maybe you need more time off. I mean, you did take a good hit, lost a lot of blood..." his eyebrows rose in mock concern.

"Really Sir, I'm just peachy," she said, deflated. The man really did know how to manipulate a situation to his advantage.

"Good. Now if there is nothing else on your mind, I need to get to my office; I have a ton of paperwork to push around, which I'm anticipating will so brighten my day." Glancing with ill-conceived contempt at the file folders he held, Jack turned to move away.

"No, Sir. Happy paper pushing, Sir," Sam called softly, puzzled. 'Now what was that all about?'


Gad! That had been a close one! Congratulating himself on his successful venture into the intriguing and oh so titillating world of romance, O'Neill had forgotten for a moment that Carter's lab was on this corridor. Just his luck, she'd heard him whistling.

Well, spilt milk. He was proud of himself.

He'd just come from peeking stealthily into the gym, where the two newly acquainted warriors, and one could safely assume soon to be lovers, were still engaged in their own form of foreplay.

Whistling once more, he moved forward preparing to engage in another form of battle: this one with much hated paperwork.


Beverly engrossed in her joy of athletic competition and her increasing attraction to Teal'c had lost track of the time. It had been months, if ever, since she'd had a sparring partner of such expertise. Her elation had evidently given her additional stamina, because when she chanced to glance at the clock on the wall of the gym she noted they'd been at it for over an hour!

She felt great! The endorphins flowing through her body preventing her from feeling fatigued. In fact, she felt as if they only been at it a short time. Unfortunately, she also knew it was time to throw in the towel; she had a class in less than forty minutes.

"Guess we'd better call it a day, Teal'c. I've got a munitions class to teach at eleven-hundred," Beverly gasped, breathing heavily from the exertion.

"As you wish, Captain," Teal'c replied barely winded. Admiring her glistening skin and the way her eyes sparkled, Teal'c put forth a proposal. "Perhaps tomorrow, we may once again engage in competition?"

'Yes Beverly, he is circling the bait. If you want to reel him in, you've got to hook him!' she crowed silently, using an old fishing analogy.

"Oh I am sorry, I'm afraid I cannot. I promised a friend of mine I'd help her with a project," she told him careful to add a hint of regret.

"I see," Teal'c replied flatly. He had hoped she would wish to spend more time in his company.

It was difficult to be sure, his expression was detached, but Beverly thought, well she hoped that he was disappointed. Taking a tissue from a nearby dispenser, she mopped her moist cleavage drawing his attentions to the ample mounds beneath her clinging shirt.

Watching her unassuming movements Teal'c's mouth had gone suddenly dry. His pulse quickened, as it had not done while they sparred.

"We should complete the project by evening. We could get together for some dinner off the base if you'd like?" Beverly proposed feigning preoccupation with her bottle of Gatorade to veil the fact that she was anxious for him to say yes.

Teal'c readily accepted. It had been sometime since he'd been away from the confines of the SGC or had occasion to dine with anyone other than the members of his team.

"I would be most honored, Captain," he told her formally.

"Oh great. Please Teal'c, won't you call me Beverly or Bev?" She asked smiling invitingly.

"How about I pick you up at say, 1930? I know a cozy little Italian place. Do you like Italian, Teal'c?"

"Beverly," he repeated enjoying the way the name rolled musically off his tongue. "I do indeed like Italian."

"Then it is a date!" Beverly confirmed brightly. Turning to head to the showers, she made sure that she moved with slow and sensual grace; thus, giving him a prolonged view of her generously rounded and firm backside.

Teal'c found he was unable to remove his avid gaze from the amazingly graceful woman as she left him. When she was no longer in view he headed off to the showers hoping that the water was cold, very cold.


Daniel staggered out of his lab bright and early the next morning. He'd pulled an all night research session once more and needed to perk up. The way he was feeling he figured that would take at the very least a pot of coffee. Bleary eyed, he wandered into the commissary and bumped into the back of the large body directly in front of him in line.

"Ah sorry," he mumbled.

Teal'c, wearing an uncustomary grin on his usually placid face readily excused his friend.

"I am uninjured Daniel Jackson," he intoned ironically.

"Of course you aren't Teal'c." Daniel replied with equal irony.

"Have you once again foregone taking your rest and spent the night in study?" Teal'c inquired.

"I was translating that fragment of text SG-14 brought back yesterday and I guess I lost track of the time. Need to java up for a lecture I am supposed to give this morning." Daniel told him, yawning broadly.

"Coffee is not enough, you must eat a hearty breakfast as well, Daniel Jackson." Teal'c told him firmly. Filling his own breakfast tray with a large quantity of eggs, toast, fruits and juice, Teal'c paused to hand the weary archeologist a tray.

"O'Neill will be most displeased if you become ill due to self-neglect, Daniel Jackson." Teal'c added mildly, belying the implied threat in his words.

"What Jack doesn't know won't hurt him." Daniel began.

"What is it we are keeping from Jack?" A silky voice inquired from directly behind Daniel.

"Ah Teal'c? Just how long has Jack been behind me?" Daniel whispered chagrined.

"Long enough Danny. Long enough." Jack responded wryly.

"After this lecture of yours, I am ordering you to take a good long nap." Jack added firmly.

Rubbing his hands together and perusing the food options, Jack began piling various items on both his and Daniel's trays.

"Jack I can't possibly eat all of this!" Daniel protested as the food mounted on the tray before him.

Taking in Daniel's tired and wan countenance, Jack decided it was time for a little big brother-type admonishment.

"Danny boy you are way too thin and pale. We are supposed to be on stand down for a reason. Perhaps a forced furlough is really what you need." Jack threatened.

"Jack I am not in the military and I don't take furloughs." Daniel bit back annoyed. Jack could be such a Yiddish Momma sometimes!

"Technically, no you are not military. However, you are paid by the military and as your team leader, I am obligated to evaluate your fitness for duty. I can make it an order."

"Fine!" Daniel mumbled, following Teal'c to a nearby table and slamming his tray down crankily. Pulling back the chair with a yank he plopped into the seat and took a long drink of coffee; then begrudgingly shoveled some eggs into his mouth.

Smirking at the temper tantrum his friend was displaying, Jack sat across from Teal'c who had seated himself beside the angry younger man and likewise began to satisfy his hunger.

"So T', how was your workout yesterday?" Jack inquired benignly.

"It was most satisfactory, O'Neill. The Captain is a formidable and skilled opponent." Teal'c responded with a smile. "I thank you, my friend."

"My pleasure T'. Any plans for a rematch?" Jack asked with feigned innocence. He so hoped his little jaunt into the realm of matchmaking had paid off.

"It is my hope to engage in a rematch soon. However, I must content myself with the pleasure of the Captain's company for dinner." Teal'c told O'Neill with a small quirk of his left eyebrow.

Daniel intrigued despite his foul mood, piped up. "A date, Teal'c?" he asked surprised.

"I believe that is the term which most accurately describes it here amongst the Tau'ri Daniel Jackson."

"So who is this Captain? How did you meet her and when?" Daniel's curiosity shifted into overdrive.

Realizing too late that he had erred in bringing the subject up, Jack shook his head; adamantly mouthing the word NO, hoping Teal'c would heed his warning.

Ignoring Jack's silent protest, Teal'c answered with a large smile. "I have O'Neill to thank for my good fortune."

"How is that Teal'c?" Daniel raising both eyebrows turned slightly to give their mutual friend a speculative look, he noted Jack was studying his food intently.

"O'Neill suggested the Captain seek me out in the gym yesterday for a sparring match. It proved to be a most gratifying experience." Teal'c told him with relish. "It has been many years since a friend has sought to provide me with suitable companionship. I thank you O'Neill," he added with grave sincerity bowing his head in salute.

Clearing his throat and shooting the grinning Archeologist a quelling look, Jack realized he had no choice but to acknowledge his friend's thanks; he had no wish to offend his dignified warrior brother.

"Ah, you are welcome big guy. Now if you will excuse me, I have a staff meeting to attend." Pushing back his chair abruptly, Jack picked up his tray and beat a hasty retreat.

"I too must leave, Daniel Jackson." Teal'c told him cordially.

"Jack O'Neill, Matchmaker." Daniel muttered watching them leave.

"Who would have thought? There is no way I'm going to let him forget this one," he added evilly.

Despite the dense façade he liked to adopt, Jack was nobody's fool. He understood perfectly he'd be hearing more from Daniel on the subject and wondered just how long his nosy friend would restrain himself.

He had hoped to keep his involvement in Teal'c's love life a secret; after all he'd a reputation to maintain! Groaning he rubbed the back of his neck in annoyance.

There had to be some way to turn Daniel's never ending quest for knowledge and his insatiable desire to top Jack's constant razzing to his advantage. Whistling softly as he moved toward the General's office, Jack O'Neill's oh so devious mind was once more engaged in intrigue.

Teal'c took great care in choosing his form of dress for his appointment with the alluring Captain. He had no wish to attract any unwelcome attention while out in public. And, he admitted to himself, he wished to please Beverly.

He had made a call to his young friend Cassandra Fraiser seeking her views on this topic and had received very clear instructions on the matter. She had been most pleased and excited that he had sought her advice, a fact that had gratified him greatly. Teal'c understood all too well that the young woman still grieved for the loss of her valiant mother Janet Fraiser and he was glad he had brightened her day in this small way.


Smoothing the black bandana he'd carefully tied over his shaven head, he pulled it lower over his forehead masking the golden seal of his previous slavery and inspected his reflection in the mirror.

He wore a snug black, turtle necked shirt and slacks, the lack of color blending pleasingly with his ebony complexion. On his feet, he had added soft leather loafers, which O'Neill had insisted he must have for dress occasions. The overall effect was aesthetically pleasing to his eye.

A soft tap on the door to his private quarters drew Teal'c's attention. Moving with fluid grace, he opened the portal and cocked his head with a slight bow of greeting to the luscious woman waiting just outside.

Beverly had to stifle a gasp of pleasure as she took in his attire. Dressed in unrelieved black his bulging muscles were thinly veiled from view and yet enhanced by the snug fit of his clothing; the addition of the black scarf over his forehead added a rakish almost outlaw quality to the entire ensemble. 'Wow!'

Teal'c, concerned that he had somehow erred due to her silence, lifted an eyebrow in inquiry. "Am I not properly attired Beverly?" he whispered.

Realizing she had been holding her breath, Beverly expelled it slowly shaking her head and stifling a whistle. "On the contrary Teal'c, you look wonderful. Shall we go?"

Relieved, Teal'c took a moment to enjoy the fine figure she presented dressed in a beautifully tailored wine colored jacket and matching skirt. He found the understated color and her lack of makeup very provocative. She had lovely smooth skin and her eyes shone brightly even here in the artificial light of the SGC.

"You also present a fine picture of exuberant good health, Beverly," he complimented her noting the added sparkle his words seemed to add to her smile.

"Thank you." Beverly responded simply, turning to lead the way to the elevator.


At this hour, there was very little activity in this sector of the base and they passed relatively few people. While those few nodded a hello, only one engaged them in conversation.

Daniel unable to harness his ever-present curiosity had lain in wait, not far from Teal'c's quarters. Having heard their brief exchange of words, he began a slow and supposedly unplanned stroll past the elevator doors, head down as if lost in the open book he carried. Once he was within a few feet of the pair, he glanced up with feigned surprise.

"Oh hello, Teal'c. Where are you two off to?" Schooling his expression into one of innocent surprise, Daniel positioned himself directly in front of the lovely woman at Teal'c's side and extended his hand in greeting. "Hi, I'm Daniel Jackson."

Although his face would never betray his mirth, Teal'c found Daniel's thinly disguised meddlesome machinations amusing. Bowing slightly in Beverly's direction he quickly introduced her to his curious friend.

To Daniel's credit, he betrayed not a hint of surprise upon hearing the Captain's full name. If anything, the revelation would fit right in with his plans to torment Jack, just a little, about his role in this budding affair.

Beverly shook the nosy archeologist's hand warmly. Her own curious inquiries had made her very aware that if she were to pursue a relationship with the big and delectable Jaffa, she would have a great deal of interaction with his friends ahead of her as well; they were a close knit group.

"I am pleased to finally meet you Dr. Jackson. I have avidly read some of your papers on the Ancient Egyptians as well as your most recent reports on the Ancients," she told him with just the right amount of admiration.

Suddenly bashful Daniel returned her warmth. "Oh, I am likewise pleased to meet you Captain."

"If you will excuse us, we have reservations for dinner. Perhaps you and I might get together soon and discuss the Ancients' use of armaments mentioned in your last report?" Beverly turned up the charm; armaments were a topic she could really cozy up to.

"Oh sure, that would be very nice." Daniel stammered blushing. Finding he genuinely liked the lady, he felt mildly embarrassed with his own inquisitorial maneuverings and awkwardly stood aside to allow them access to the elevator.

Once the two had boarded the conveyance and the doors had closed, Daniel made his way thoughtfully to Sam's lab for a chat.

He had intended to fill Sam in on this latest turn of events earlier, but she'd been tied up in the routine maintenance of the Stargate for hours. Then there had been that forced nap, which an all too smug Jack O'Neill had made very sure he took this afternoon. Hoping he'd find her free at last, Daniel ambled into her office with a small smile.

"Hi Sam, are you free for a chat?"

Looking up from her laptop, Sam returned his smile.

"Sure Daniel what's up?" Sam knew that smirk. It was the one Daniel usually wore when he knew something she did not, generally some juicy tidbit involving the Colonel.

Pretending interest in one of her lab projects Daniel answered absently. "Oh, nothing too exciting. Had a lecture to give this morning, translated that text SG-14 brought back, which turned out to be mostly mundane information of very little interest by the way, took a nap at Jack's insistence, bumped into Teal'c and his date just as they were leaving..."

Sam had to admire his astute adaptation of the Colonel's own special and artful blend of blasé conversation while dropping this bombshell!

Knowing there was more he was longing to add, yet enjoying this game, she reflected the same detached interest.

"Nap?" she responded with deliberate guile, gently pushing him aside and removing her latest project from his curious hands. 'Sometimes he is a bad as the Colonel!'

Relishing the repartee, he responded to her query honestly. "Yes our resident 'Yiddish Momma' and team leader forced me to take what he referred to as a 'nice and long, mood altering' nap."

"Mood altering?" Sam echoed. That Daniel had no doubt stayed up studying through the night was not an unusual occurrence, nor that the Colonel had found out. However, the commentary on Daniel's mood was.

"Jack informed me in his usual tactful way that I was cranky," he whined with petulant chagrin.

"Oh, I see." Sam replied benignly stifling a grin. Daniel could be quite an ornery cuss when overtired, especially when a task proved less than fruitful; a fact, which the Colonel gloried in pointing out whenever possible.

"So I take it despite your long diligent hours the text was a disappointment?" she sighed sympathetically.

Echoing her sigh, Daniel nodded slumping into a nearby chair, resting his hand on his chin. "Unfortunately." He had hoped, as he did each time he was given a new mystery to solve that he'd find a clue to the location of the lost city of the Ancients.

"We will find it Daniel." Scooting her chair closer to his, Sam patted his arm.

"In the meantime, what is all this about Teal'c having a date?" Sam inquired hoping to brighten Daniel's spirits once more.

"Oh yes I almost forgot! Teal'c and the new SF Captain just left for a dinner date and you will never guess just who was instrumental in arranging it!" he crowed.

Taking in Daniel's smug countenance and general lack of interest in anyone other than his immediate teammates, Sam deduced it must be the Colonel.

"Colonel taciturn O'Neill?" Now this was out of character. Way out of character for their usually intensely private commanding officer. She wondered just what event prompted this foray into the world of the matchmaker. "When did all this happen?"

"Yesterday. Evidently Jack setup a sparring match between the Captain and Teal'c and the two just clicked." Daniel advised her smugly.

"And Sam, you will never in a million years guess what the Captain's surname is!" Seeing her shrug he pressed on triumphantly. "Her name is Allotabooty, Captain Beverly Allotabooty!"

"Holy Hannah! Daniel you've been misinformed surely?" Incredulous Sam could think of nothing more intelligent to add to such a revelation.

"Nope, double check the duty roster. Teal'c just introduced her to me. Her name is definitely pronounced Allotabooty!"


Beverly led Teal'c to her fire engine red, classic Chevy convertible with pride. The automobile had belonged to her father and he'd taught her at an early age how to keep it in tiptop condition; she'd shared her sire's passion for tinkering and fast cars. So when he had passed on, Daddy had naturally left it to her, much to her siblings' dismay; she'd kept it just the way he would have liked it.

Heeding the advice he'd received from Cassandra Fraiser, Teal'c opened the driver's door for Beverly and assisted her into the vehicle; then eased around to the passenger side and hopped in.

Beverly was a bit taken aback by this display of old fashion chivalry. Somehow, consideration of this type seemed to fit perfectly with the overall respect he had so far shown her and she found she liked it.

Yet, she worried that if he kept this up her plans for a healthy and mutually satisfying encounter of a more physical nature might just go awry. She had to find some way to let him know she was interested in more than just pleasant conversation and dinner.

Reaching out her right hand Beverly grasped Teal'c's left one and moved her thumb in small circles stroking his palm, while maneuvering the Chevy down the mountain to the town below.

Teal'c found her caress very stimulating. No stranger to the hearty desires of women the galaxy over; he was receiving her unspoken message loud and clear. This date was so far proving to be most satisfactory. Turning his position slightly, he gazed at her profile and returned her caress; once again struck by her innate beauty.

Beverly was pleased when Teal'c reciprocated her artful pursuit by stroking her hand in turn; clearly he'd understood her unspoken request. Catching his avid gaze, out of the corner of her eye, she smiled and settled back to enjoy the quiet ride and this subtle exchange of intimacy.

They arrived at the restaurant exactly on time for the reservation she'd made earlier that day.

Damato's was a small and relatively inexpensive, but very elegant family owned enterprise, which served delicious food in an intimate setting. One of her friends had celebrated her anniversary here just last week and Beverly had been one of only a few select guests. Thus, when Teal'c had agreed to be her guest for dinner she'd instinctively known that the dignified and sedate atmosphere was the perfect setting, in which to share a meal with the equally distinguished man at her side.

The hostess seated them in a cozy corner where they were partially hidden, yet still had a view of the entire room. A small vase of blood red roses and a small white candle served as centerpiece to a simple table setting of linen and white china. Beverly scanned the menu quickly; she really wasn't hungry, at least not for food.

"Is there anything particular you'd enjoy Teal'c? Wine perhaps?" Glancing up and over the top of her menu, Beverly caught Teal'c's ardent gaze, which sent a quiver of anticipation up her spine.

Returning her smile Teal'c reached over the table gently taking her hand and deepening the intensity of his gaze. He had no need to indulge in spirits; this woman had already intoxicated him. "I do not ingest alcohol and I believe I shall leave the food selection in your capable hands, Beverly. I am always open to new experiences."

Interrupting Beverly's reply, the waiter efficiently relayed the specials and quickly took her order, leaving her barely conscious of just which of the delectable entrees she'd chosen; she had become lost in the dark and sultry depths of Teal'c's beguiling obsidian eyes.

Teal'c, for his part, was finding it increasingly difficult to rein in his desire and found himself wishing they were alone. Alone and isolated from prying eyes, instead of surrounded by the other patrons, despite the intimacy of this establishment.

The meal proved to be exquisite. As was the sudden appearance of a small white-headed gnome of a man with a violin, from which he coaxed music of equal perfection.

When the check arrived Beverly refused to allow Teal'c to pay it, reminding him that he was her guest and adding that he could 'get it next time.'

Warmed by both her generosity and her wish to repeat this pleasant interlude, he acquiesced.

While they waited for the valet to retrieve her Chevy, Beverly, her true intentions thinly veiled, invited Teal'c to her apartment for coffee and conversation.

As they had both just shared several hours of conversation and he'd made his aversion to coffee known to her, he deduced that this added invitation was a pretense. Realizing she was proposing an encounter of a more affectionate nature, he was both willing and deeply moved.

"I would be honored Beverly," he accepted reverently. Allowing his voice to take on a more sensual timber and thereby, reassuring her that he'd understood her subtle request. Indeed, he was most honored and pleased that one so lovely and fine would offer to share herself with him in this way.

Standing on her tiptoes Beverly whispered in his ear, "Baby will you drive my car?"

Unsure of the reference, Teal'c was never the less aware of the underlying meaning of her words. Assisting her to the passenger seat of the vehicle, he seated himself in the driver's seat. Then, asking her to guide him to her abode he confidently took control of their date.


Jack O'Neill always an early riser awoke with the birds greeting the first rays of dawn. Running a hand over his face, he yawned scratching at his night's growth of beard and leisurely stretched his vaguely aching knees.

This was a time in his day he relished, a time when he could relax for a few minutes and doze if the mood struck him: allow his thoughts to drift. His eyelids were fluttering closed for just such a catnap, when the jarring peal of the phone tore him from his reverie.

Cursing softly, he grabbed for the handset. "O'Neill."

"O'Neill, it is I, Teal'c."

"T'?" Jack questioned slightly overset. What the heck? The Jaffa's voice sounded almost joyful at this ungodly hour.

"Yes O'Neill, it is I. I am calling to inform you I shall be unable to keep our appointment for breakfast this morning."

"Oh?" Rubbing his hand over his face, Jack relaxed slightly.

"Additionally I am taking a few days for rest and relaxation O'Neill. I will not be returning to the SGC until Monday." Teal'c told him categorically.

Sitting bolt upright in his bed, the covert matchmaker's lips broke into a large grin of satisfaction. "Understood T'. I'll just log this in as long overdue R&R." Jack agreed his tone carefully nonchalant. 'O.K. it was Friday, so obviously Teal'c and the Captain had hit it off. Hot damn O'Neill, looks like "operation matchmaker" is working out great!'

"Thank you my friend." Teal'c whispered softly, his voice suffused with underlying meaning.

"You are most welcome T'. Have fun." By emphasizing the word fun, Jack implied its multiple meanings; his voice emanating undisguised pleasure.

Dignified even in the face of his own jubilation, Teal'c was succinct as ever. "Indeed I shall, O'Neill."

Severing the connection, Jack lay back down continuing his brief interlude of contemplation, elated and amused.


Leaning casually against the rear wall of the elevator, Jack sighed rubbing the back of his neck. He'd finally made a dent in the mountain of paperwork stacked on his desk; and succeeded in avoiding Daniel. Unfortunately, a day's worth of straining his eyes in the artificial light of his office and the glare of his computer screen had given him a nagging headache. It was 1600 and he was looking forward to a nice quiet evening of pizza, beer and whatever sporting event he might chance across, while channel surfing in his favorite chair. Watching the digital numbers fly by indicating the floors he passed as the elevator ascended, his thoughts turned to Teal'c and his lady.

Jack was glad that at least one of his team was happy in the romance department. It was a sure bet his own love life would never recover from the blows it had so recently taken. Snorting, he adjusted his stance. What love life? Oh sure, he and Carter had spent literally years engaged in longing looks and covert repartee, but nothing deeper. Nothing that one could really label as a relationship, beyond that of a dear friend. And, the sudden introduction of her boyfriend, the cop, had certainly made it clear that Jack was just that, a friend. Crap!

Scuttlebutt had it that she'd dumped the clueless bastard recently, but she'd given no indication that this was a fact.

Danny boy was faring no better. Despite his having been instrumental in her rescue and the removal of her "snake," Sarah had been very distant with the man who had once been more than just a friend. Understanding as ever, Daniel was currently giving her "space."

Pushing away from the wall as the elevator reached his destination, Jack left the confines of the small space, still deep in thought.

Sergeant Rory Main came to attention as the familiar figure of Colonel Jack O'Neill exited the elevator. Noting that the Colonel seemed preoccupied, he waited patiently for the superior officer to make eye contact with him, before extending the clipboard and requesting he sign out. The officers of the SGC were generally a courteous bunch. Few however, were as imposing and yet as likeable, as Colonel O'Neill. The Colonel had lost a bit of the spring in his step of late, and quiet a few of the base personnel were beginning to wonder what had been troubling him. Seeing him like this Rory had to agree, O'Neill had grown way too serious recently and he missed the Colonel's usual lighthearted banter.

Jack gave the Sergeant a cursory glance acknowledging him with a distracted smile, still wrapped up in his own musings. "Sergeant Main."

"Evening Colonel. Any big plans for the weekend, Sir?" Rory hoped the response would be affirmative. The Colonel deserved a little fun.

Jack stopped and really looked into the hopeful and friendly face of the eager young SF before him. He wondered if he'd ever been this young.

Hating to disappoint the youngster, he plastered on a carefree smile and fudged a bit. "Ya sure you betcha."

Returning the smile, Rory completed the task of signing the Colonel out and off duty. "Night then Sir."

"Night Main." Jack maintained a carefree aura until he'd made it to his truck. Cranking the engine, he pulled slowly out of the base parking lot. As he drove off the base and started down the mountain, his headlights illuminated a car parked off to one side of the road. Slowing down, in case the driver might need assistance, he caught sight of the occupants locked in what appeared to be a serious make-out session. Driving on with a smirk, his thoughts turned once again to the question of his team's lack of a love life.

What was it about his team that made them such losers in the romance department anyway? Oh well, he wished T' better luck than the rest of them had had. The big guy deserved a bit of happiness.


Teal'c smiled widely. Beverly was teaching him the fine art of shopping for the perfect meal. Currently they were selecting blooms for a bouquet of flowers to adorn their dinner table tonight. Finding he enjoyed the mingled scents and vast array of colors, he wandered through the large green house asking questions exuberantly.

Beverly was pleased and surprised that a warrior of Teal'c's legendary fierceness would be so open to new experiences. He seemed to genuinely relish their trip to the farmer's market this morning for fresh produce and their visit to Stanley's seafood shop as well. She'd promised to show him how to prepare a gourmet supper and he had thrown himself headlong into the preparations with undisguised joy. Now, here he was avidly questioning the effeminate gentleman whose plants and shrubs surrounded her in a veritable forest of heady fragrance as if he too were a gardener of some renown.

Anton Roget, lover of all things verdant and green, took an instant shine to the muscle bound Nubian god before him. Oh la la! Just how often did one find such massive strength mingled with sensitivity? Not to mention rugged good looks! Anton was in love! What had the woman called him? Oh yes Teal'c, how unique!

Enjoying the quixotic glory and variety of heady aromas as well as the freedom of wandering in this magnificence, Teal'c had a sudden urge to share all that he was experiencing with his closet friend.

"Yours is an imposing and rare gift Master Roget. I have no wish to insult an artist of your caliber however, I wonder if you might have something more unique to offer?" The Nubian Adonis inquired, leaning down to inhale the scent of a large gardenia bush. That the small man was an artist in the field of horticulture was patently obvious to Teal'c and he would address him with respect.

"Ah, I see you are a man of discerning tastes Mr. Teal'c!" Resisting the urge to sigh with delight, Anton motioned for the object of his newfound affection and his lady friend to follow him; leading them with a flourish into a room marked private. "Allow me to show you my paradise room."

"Oh, his name is Murray..." Beverly concerned that she'd slipped and had called her lover by name, tried to cover the error with his usual alias.

"Teal'c Murray?" Anton tried the name with distaste drawing up short mid-mince.

"Err, yes." Beverly confirmed wryly, trying not to laugh out loud. The little man looked as if he'd just swallowed something very bitter.

"Might I just call you Mr. Teal'c? It seems so much more... refined." The little man gazed up adoringly at Teal'c.

Teal'c nodded with dignity. While he had long ago accepted the alias O'Neill had jovially given him, he too found it lacked panache. "That would be satisfactory Master Roget."

Titillated by the respectful title given him and the innate savoir-faire of this giant of a man, Anton allowed them into his inner sanctum. Here he carefully nurtured the most exotic and delicate of blooms, Orchids, Oleander, Passionflowers and the like.

Beverly marveled, her senses overwhelmed, as they ventured into the humid and redolent room. Orchids of every color and shape, intermingled with plants of unknown variety surrounded a small bubbling fountain. Foliage seemed to cascade above them flowing over every bit of the expanse to form a small jungle; if she didn't know better, she would have sworn they were standing in the midst of a tropical rain forest.

Teal'c having lived his long life on varied planets, most of which had been desert-like, found he was charmed and pleased. "Master Roget this is truly a haven fit for a god." Who better than he would know what a god would prefer? "I would like to prepare a gift of thanks for a friend. What would you suggest?"

"A friend Mr. Teal'c?" Anton questioned quirking an eyebrow hoping for more information into the nature of this friend.

"A friend to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude." Smiling radiantly Teal'c drew Beverly's hand within his own.

"Ah I see." Anton sighed with élan, his heart filled with both admiration and envy. "I think if we put our heads together we shall indeed charm and delight your friend Mr. Teal'c, just place yourself in Anton's capable hands!"


Jack strolled up his walkway balancing his mail, a large bag of groceries and a twelve-pack of his favorite beer. It was Saturday and he'd had a ton of errands to run this afternoon; now he was looking forward to an evening of light music and a beer or two on his backyard deck just hanging out and watching the sunset. Fumbling a bit, he fitted his key into the lock, pushing the door open and stopped short, stunned, as he was greeted by a small forest of color.

Jack's entire entry hall had been transformed! A large Gardenia bush, its scent heavily permeating the air, was surrounded by baskets of Orchids. Orchids of every color and variety spilled over the hardwood floor of the small foyer, mingled with the subtle hues of wildly exotic foliage. All arranged in an artful array designed to take one's breath away.

Beyond the heady scents of this mini jungle soft music wafted along, mixed with the mouthwatering aroma of spicy shrimp and garlic bread. The additional sound of hushed voices had the cautious Colonel ignoring his own delighted response to such grandeur. Carefully setting his burden on a nearby table Jack crept stealthily into his own kitchen.

Teal'c had discerned O'Neill's quiet arrival and decided to allow him to discover their intrusion at his own pace. Surprises never set well with his wary friend.

Jack, catching sight of the big guy's broad back, standing next to a vaguely familiar rump rummaging through his refrigerator, relaxed a bit. Still this was odd. "So T' whatcha ya doing?"

Spinning lightly on his heels to face his brother of the soul, Teal'c smiled. "Preparing a celebratory dinner in your honor, O'Neill."

Leaning against the doorjamb and thrusting his hands into the pockets of his faded jeans, Jack took in the apron the big guy was sporting and frowned. "Celebratory dinner?"

Beverly, having pulled her head out of the fridge to place a large platter of fresh cut fruit on the counter, caught sight of the Colonel's frown and hastily left the room. "If you'll both excuse me I have a small errand to run."

Teal'c watched her retreat with a small smile and bowed his head forward in salute to O'Neill. "Indeed O'Neill. On Chulak it is the custom to prepare a feast in honor of the Banebdje'det."

Noting O'Neill's nonplussed expression Teal'c continued, "As you have acted as Banebdje'det on my behalf, it is my duty to show you my gratitude."

Uncomfortable with the implication of this little speech and unsure of the title, Jack raised his hands in a gesture of surrender. Obviously Teal'c was trying to thank him for sending the Captain his way. Undeniably it would be bad form to deny his friend the opportunity to show him his gratitude; and besides the food smelled great. "I'm not sure I understand what this banana diet of yours involves T', but I think I get the picture. You are happy I sent the Captain to the gym to spar with you. Am I right?"

Cocking an eyebrow and suppressing his mirth over O'Neill's inane substitution for the Jaffa word Banebdje'det or matchmaker, Teal'c smiled and moved forward to rest a hand of salute on his friend's shoulder. "Indeed O'Neill."

"I'm glad things are working out for you two T', but this is not necessary. What's with the jungle in my front hall?" Touched and mildly embarrassed, Jack dissembled.

Returning to his cooking with panache, Teal'c responded in like manner. "A proper feast must satisfy all of the senses O'Neill."


Peeping into the kitchen by way of the back door, Beverly decided that the coast was clear and pushed the portal open. In her arms, she carried the grocery bag and beer the Colonel had left in his front hallway. "Is the coast clear Sir?"

Moving to take the groceries from her, Jack began putting the contents of the bag and the twelve-pack away in his refrigerator. "For now Captain. I do however, reserve the right to ask a few questions later."

Searching his benign expression for some sign as to how he was taking their invasion of his home and finding it unreadable, Beverly decided to keep a low profile for now. "Understood, Sir."

Continuing with the task the Colonel's arrival had interrupted; Beverly took the fruit and some chilled wine out to the backyard deck, where she had begun to set a pleasant table for their supper. A light breeze ruffled her hair as she surveyed her handiwork. Everything had to be perfect. Both she and Teal'c wanted to thank the Colonel for bringing them together.

Looking out over the lush green lawn and carefully tended garden, she wondered at the complexities of the two men chatting companionably in the kitchen.

It would be difficult for most folks to visualize two such formidable warriors as gardeners. Yet, as leaders, they were responsible for the care and nurturing of young and very green recruits; wasn't this a form of gardening in itself. Still, she mused, it was much easier to see two such stalwart men in the role of a father. Teal'c had told her a great deal about his son Rya'c. His tone and words making it quite clear he all but worshipped the young man.

Returning to the kitchen, Beverly smiled. The two redoubtable men seemed very much at home in the kitchen. O'Neill still relaxed against the same doorjamb gently teasing Teal'c about his new role as "Suzie homemaker," while nursing a cold beer. Teal'c merely accepted the caustic jibe as fact, thanking his friend slyly for the compliment. Something about the Colonel's sarcastic tone caused her to feel a bit melancholy. Or, perhaps it was the information she'd so recently discovered about the Colonel's personal life.

When they'd first arrived at the Colonel's home earlier this afternoon to begin the preparations for the celebration, Beverly had noticed the photos of O'Neill's son Charlie. Ever the curious one, she'd questioned T' and had been appalled and saddened, by the revelation that the boy had shot himself with the Colonel's sidearm. That Teal'c shared his brother of the soul's heartache was evident. She had resolved not to bring the matter up again, lest she cause the two further sorrows. Still, she mourned the fact that the Colonel was so very alone in the world.

As the evening progressed, Beverly sharing in their lighthearted conversation, found she was increasingly grateful her plan to snare the big hunky Jaffa had worked out. Thanks in no small way to the contributions of one very likable Colonel. The three had a great deal in common. And perhaps that was the reason she began to formulate a new plan.


Lost in her scheming, Beverly had been very quiet the past half-an-hour as she and Teal'c had returned to her abode. Teal'c had waited patiently for her to speak of that which weighed so heavily on her mind. Switching off the Chevy's engine, he turned an inquiring eye her way.

Beverly, lost in her reverie, suddenly realized they'd stopped moving and turned to Teal'c noticing his questioning expression. "Oh, sorry. I guess I have been poor company T'."

"The company was far from poor Beverly. It was however, quiet."

Laughing lightly, Beverly impulsively hugged the big lug. "Ah T' I imagine I could stand on my head naked in a crowd and you'd find it acceptable!"

Pursing his lips thoughtfully, Teal'c visualized the picture she'd just painted. "Indeed I would enjoy such a display. However, I would prefer to be the only spectator."

Kissing him soundly Beverly whispered, "I think that can be arranged."

Refusing to be dissuaded Teal'c pressed. "First, I would like to know what caused your span of silence."

"I think the Colonel is lonely." She told him stroking his lower lip sensuously with her index finger. "I think we should return the favor he has done for us."

"You wish him to enjoy more than just a female's companionship." Teal'c hadn't lived over ninety years only to be slow on the uptake. "You would act as his Banebdje'det?" He had entertained the notion briefly earlier that day, however O'Neill's innate need for privacy caused him to put the matter aside; that and his knowledge of his friend's feeling for a certain Major.

Beverly held Teal'c's gaze intently in the soft light from the moon. "I would, wouldn't you?"

"Indeed." Teal'c agreed thoughtfully.

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