Title: "It's Genetic"
By Cjay
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Category: Humor.
Season: Seven
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Summary: Teal'c enjoys a good novel.
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It' Genetic
by CJay

The air was crisp and felt cool on this sunny autumn day. The breeze lifted a few colorful leaves and they bustled around the figure casaually leaning against the old oak. Teal'c lifted his face to the caress of this breeze and enjoyed it's fragarance. He had lived most of his considerable lifetime on desert planets, and still found the mild days of October refreshing.

 In fact he found most things about his new home planet if not intoxicating, at least stimulating. He was glad for this time upon the mountain. He spent too many hours beneath it. The chance to be here under the blue sky enjoying his freedom to read was never to be taken lightly.

 He had a true affection for anything western; be it music or literature. In recent days he had discovered the joys of old western dime novels. They were not plentiful, but the Colorado Springs public library had a good selection. Cassandra had assisted him with procuring a library card and Teal'c was using it now on a regular basis. As first prime to the false God Apophis he had been forbidden to read; except for those materials that served his master. The Tauri' took the luxury of reading mostly for granted. It was most disturbing to him. Learning on any level was a true priviledge.

He was most fortunate that his duties were light and he was able to accomplish them quickly and steal away to his favorite hide away here in this quiet meadow.

He much prefered to relax here with the song of nature, than in the dim unnatural world of his quarters in the SGC.

 He had already finished several of the exciting adventures of his latest western hero, and was about to embark on a new adventure when he heard more rustling in the leaves than the breeze. The sound was familiar to his attuned ear and his senses ever alert, detected the identity of his visitor long before he was within several feet of his resting place.

"Hey, Teal'c what are you reading?"

"Daniel Jackson, I thought you were endeavoring to translate the artifact SG-12 brought back from their most recent mission?"

"I finished. Thought I'd invite you to have lunch but I couldn't find you. Siler said you'd headed up and out about 1000. I figured you'd be here. So, what are you reading today?"

"I am enjoying a most interesting form of classic western known as the dime novel."

"Really? I don't think I am familiar with that particular kind of literature."

"Daniel Jackson I was given to understand that you were familiar with many forms of culture particularly those of your own world."

"Well, not that particular form it seems. How are they? What is it all about. I mean I have heard of the dime novel but they have been out of fashion for some time and I have never read one."

"You are missing the vessel then Daniel Jackson."

"That's, missing the boat Teal'c."

"Is that not what I said?"

"Er yes, I guess it is."

"This collection is about a most interesting western warrior who uses technology to assist him in defeating criminals. He is assisted by a scientist who is also his friend. He is a reluctant hero. He has many foibles and obstacles to overcome. He has a similar sense of humor as that of O'Neill."

"Really? What is his name?"

"Nicodemus Legend."

"I have never heard of him."

"This is a surprise to me Daniel Jackson. He is most formidable and tenacious. Perhaps you have heard of his alter ego Ernst Pratt?"

"No. Alter ego?"

"Is that not the correct term for one who assumes a new identity to conceal his true self?"

"Yes, it is. I am just surprised that you are familiar with that term Teal'c."

"I have learned much from these books Daniel Jackson. I feel a certain comradeship with this particular hero. He reminds me very much of someone we both know quite well."

"Really? May I read one of those adventures please Teal'c?"

"You may indeed. I have also procured a picnic lunch that I will be most happy to share with you. Please be seated."

The two friends passed the remainder of the afternoon in companionable silence as they devoured the luncheon and the novels.

 The shadows were beginning to fade into dusk when Samantha Carter found the two still avidly reading side by side. She found the scene before her touching. It had not been that long ago Daniel had returned to them. She still took delight in his presence.

 When he had ascended, she had found it confusing and painful. His return to the land of the living had left him without a memory of who he was or of his team. She had so missed her friend's gentle ways and the joys of her team; her family really, being together. Now he was back with his memories fully returned to him; and she still was delighted to have him back.

"Hello you two. Mind some company?"

"You are most welcome Major Carter. Have you eaten? We still have a few sandwichs and some Jell-o, would you care to share them?"

"Thank you Teal'c. But it is almost 1600. Have you two forgotten that the Colonel invited us over for dinner and a movie tonight at 1900?"

"Gee Sam, it's that late? We lost track. Guess we had better close the books and return to the SGC."

"I do not agree. I am not yet finished with this adventure Daniel Jackson. I have only one more chapter and then I shall close my book."

"O.K. Teal'c."

"What is so interesting that you both lost track of the time? May I see?"

"Here Sam. You have to start with this one. Lets see if you can figure out just who this charater resembles."

Samantha Carter dropped to the blanket the others relaxed upon and began to read. Another hour passed before it became too dark to continue.

An hour of revelation for her. This fellow that was the main protaginist reminded her an awful lot of someone she not only knew but loved.

"Guys, we really need to get it together. The Colonel does so hate it when we are not on time. By the time we change and drive to the Colonel's house it'll be almost 1900."

"Sam? Do you think we have enough time for a computer search on this dime novel hero? I'd sure like to find out if my suspicions are true."

"Suspicions? Exactly what are you after Daniel?"

"I concur Major Carter. We need to assertain the true validitly of these adventures."

"Come on you two. These are just stories. Aren't they?"

"I'm not so sure Sam. Most folk tales are based in fact. I for one think we should take time out and look into this."

"Well, I’ll call the Colonel and alert him that we may be a bit late."


The computer search was fruitful. A newspaper reporter named Ernst Pratt did indeed exist and had authored the novels. They found old newspapers in the archives that revealed that the adventures detailed in the novels had happened!

 Nicodemus Legend had been a formidible presence in the old west of Colorado. A furthur search revealed several photos of not only Pratt, but Legend as well. The trio was at first shocked and then delighted with the apparent truth revealed in those photos. The printer in Daniel's lab was busy for the next several minutes coping all that they had unearthed. Then the three grinning friends hurried to keep their appointment with the fourth member of their team.

Meanwhile, an impatient and somewhat cranky Colonel Jack O'Neill awaited the arrival of his team, his family. He had spent the day catching up on his overdo reports. He HATED paper work almost as much as he hated sitting still for any length of time. Oh, except for fishing. That form of sitting he loved. It was an art form really; knowing how to sit and just fish for hours on end. Who cared if he never; well mostly never caught a thing? It was the act of fishing not the actual fishing that was important. He really could not understand why Teal'c had not wanted to renew that joy.

So, while he enjoyed solitude for the most part he really looked forward to the evening of sharing a movie, a few beers, and dinner with his friends.

So where in the world where they? For crying out loud! Carter said they'd be a bit late but, it was 2030 already! He was starving! Hope they got pizza not that indian food Danny likes.

He was just about to pickup the phone and call Carter when he heard the car drive up. Yanking the front door open he spied his team strolling up the walk pizzas in hand grinning from ear to ear.

Something is up, they look like cats who swallowed the proverbial canary.

"Hey guys it's about time! I'm wasting away here. Where have you been?"

"We have been on a most interesting odyssey O'Neill."

"Jack, you'll never guess what Teal'c has been reading lately. He's gotten Sam and I hooked on these old west dime novels."

"Well just who did you think gave T' his first Louis La'mour anyway? Finish all those already T'?"

"Some time ago O'Neill. Cassandra had assited me in obtaining a library card. For sometime now I have enjoyed a vast selection of western adventures available to me. They have a most extensive dime novel collection."

"Thats great buddy. Now can we EAT?"

The foursome quickly devoured the pizza and pie that Sam had thoughtfully brought along. They were just sitting down to a great old classic western when Daniel could no longer contain his suspense.

"So Jack, aren't you curious about just which western hero Teal'c was so engrossed in that he snagged Sam and I into reading a few and making us late?"

"Not really Danny boy. Can we just watch the movie? I love Gary Cooper. He was my kind of cowpoke. He said very little and got the job done."

"Oh come on sir. Teal'c has been just dying to regale you with the exploits of his hero. Have a heart give him a break!"

Groan. "O.K. I'll bite. So T', who has you so enthralled?"

"A most impressive western warrior. He is not unlike you in many ways O'Neill. He is called Legend, Nichodemus Legend."

Jack felt his jaw drop. He hoped he had misheard. "Legend?" He said visibly turning pale.

"Yes. We found a most interesting amount of information on him and his alter ego Ernst Pratt on the internet."

"Seems the guy really did exist and was in truth an icon of the old west Jack. We printed out the old newspaper articles for you to peruse."

"Why would that interest me Danny?" Jack's guarded look and tone caused Sam to press her lips together in an effort to repress a knowing grin.

He really was squirming now and they couldn't help enjoyng giving it to him.

"The internet can be a veritable cornucopia of old history and information if you know where to look sir. It is such a help that Daniel is such an old hand at digging up information."

"Yeah Jack. I even found old photos of both Ernst Pratt and Legend."

"Really Daniel. That’s great, now can we just watch..."

"Are you not curious at all O'Neill?"

"No T' not really. It's been a long day and I just want to relax and watch old Coop deal with the bad guys and get the girl. That alright with you?"

"Indeed it is not O'Neill. Did you not tell me that you were always interested in my activities outside the SGC?"

"Well yeah T but..."

"Then I do not understand your reluctance to hear us out on this matter."

Knowing it was no use they would NEVER let this go, he gave in. Grudgingly that is. Payback is a bitch. He was well aware that his team was paying him back in full for all the little pranks he pulled on them when boredom struck; as it so often did.

"I know I am so going to regret this but," deep sigh. "What did he look like Teal'c?"

"Amazingly like you O'Neill. As did Ernst Pratt. They could in fact be your sibling." Holding out the aforementioned photos.

Now it was his turn to be coy. "Really? How Odd!" Jack gave the photos a quick once over, then dropped them to the coffee table without another glance.

"Come on Jack. Come clean. I can dig up more information tommorow ya know!"

Jack ignored him and turned on the movie. Turning up the volume he refused to make further comments.

Silently agreeing to back down for now; his team remaind silent about the western hero for the rest of the evening.

The evening ended without another word on the topic. But, Jack was not fooled. They would be at it first thing Monday.

 They would have the whole weekend to collect further intel. He might as well come clean and confess. Let them have their fun. They'd had so little of that lately. If it made his team happy to torment him a little let them. He'd play along awhile longer yet.

Monday bright and early a very amused Colonel stole his way into the bowels of the SGC and into his office without running into any member of his team. He wasn't special ops seasoned for nothing! He carefully placed the garment bag into the closet of his office. They had a briefing at 0800. He wondered how long his team would hold out till they came around to his office to further "torment" him.

The briefing took about an hour and the General asked him to stay behind for a "chat". So, he invited the threesome to meet him for lunch at his office at 1200.

The General smiled at him in that fatherly way of his and asked "Alright Jack, just what is going on? The Major and Daniel kept glancing your way and positively gloating over something. Can I share in the joke? It has been pretty dull around here lately."

"Sorry General. They think they are playing a big joke on me. But the joke is going to be on them. I am just playing along. It makes the kids happy. "

"I see. You will fill me in when you can Jack?"

"Sure thing George. I'd fill you in now but it would be missing the punch line."

"I see. Dismissed."

"Thank you Sir." Jack smiled. He really was blessed to have such a great C.O. and friend in good old George.

Sam, Daniel and Teal'c met in Sam's lab at 1150 and proceeded to Jack's office. The web had revealed so much more than they had expected.

 It was amazing really, thought Daniel. Although they really should not have been surprised at all. It had to be genetic this need to protect. This talent for heroism. Why was Jack so close mouthed about things? Well the truth will be revealed now. I cannot wait to see Jack's face.

Stopping outside the Colonel's office the trio took a deep breath and Teal'c knocked.


They strode into the small space and stopped dead in their tracks. Daniel choked on the sip of his ever present coffee, Sam's jaw dropped and

Teal'c, well he raised his eyebrow with a slight smile. O'Neill ever the prankster had beat them again. He stood there in all his, or rather all Legend's glory. The outfit was authentic and complete. From the hat to the fringed buckskins.

"Do you like great great grandaddy's gear? We've kept it packed away for years. But, I think it still looks pretty good. What do you guys think? He was a bit shorter than me, but the pants fit O.K."

"Sir I..."

"Jack what the..."

"O'Neill, you are the exact image of a true western hero." It crossed Teal'c's mind that what he said was 100% the truth. Great great granddaddy Legend/Pratt would indeed be proud.

The End